Study of nursing care support system
by nursing care record and sensor / robot packaging
(Panasonic Corporation)

Main Features

Providing monitoring and operational support to support the independence of the elderly by aggregating and analyzing data from nursing care records/nurse calls/IoT sensors and robots.

Nursing care operations support platform
Monitoring to Support Independence of the Elderly Providing operational support


A one-stop solution that connects various ICT/IoT devices and solves on-site issues for service providers.

・Sleep analysis using sensors and integrated analysis with recorded information
・Notifications to nurse callers when abnormalities are detected by sensors, and automatic updating of nursing care records


Cloud infrastructure for data integration and data analysis of various systems


The name of the robot care equipment Nursing care operations support platform
Company name Panasonic Corporation
Target area Care Services Support
Expected target user caregiver
Assumed environment Reforming nursing care operations using IoT/AI
Sales date April 2020
Contact department Business Innovation Headquarters, Innovation Promotion Division, Panasonic Corporation caregiver