Case study of robotic care device

Full-length Movie

Robotic care devices demonstrating novel presence (56 minutes and 33 seconds)

― Following movies are the introduction sections of each device excerpted from “Robotic care devices demonstrating novel presence”. ―

Full-length Movie

A robotic power suit, HAL®Lumbar Type for Care Support (11 minutes and 25 seconds)

Rise assisting robot Resyone Plus (3 minutes and 8 seconds)

Back support muscle suit® (4 minutes and 48 seconds)

Predictive monitoring system Neos+Care (5 minutes and 48 seconds)

Robot assist walker RT.2 (4 minutes and 31 seconds)

Mobility Support Robot Hug (4 minutes and 30 seconds)

Silhouette Monitoring Sensor (5 minutes and 55 seconds)

Bedside flushable toilet (5 minutes and 36 seconds)

Auto-wrapping toilet for care support Wrapppon (3 minutes and 19 seconds)

Portable flush toilet (5 minutes and 50 seconds)