Study of Smart Care Operating Platform
(Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai)

Main Features

It aggregates data collected from nursing care robots and IoT sensors used in nursing care facilities, and allows centralized viewing and notification in a single application.


There is no need to learn how to view or access many applications and interfaces to get a variety of information, but rather a centralized and immediate view of the situation in the field.


We will develop an application that can display and notify all kinds of data in a centralized manner, enabling system integration with multiple nursing care robot manufacturers.


The name of the robot care equipment SCOP Now
Company name Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai
Target area Care Services Support
Expected target user caregiver
Assumed environment It is intended for use in nursing care facilities where multiple nursing care robots and IoT sensor devices have been installed.
Sales date Now on sale
Contact department Santa Fe Research Institute
Contact number 03-5464-8841