FTCare-i AT Connect
(FTOS Inc.)

Main Features

FTCare-i AT Connect is a system that collects and accumulates information accompanying nursing care services using a robotic nursing care device, and incorporates it into a nursing care recording system (FTCare-i).
In the FTCare-i AT Connect, a QR code mainly indicating information of the device is attached in the main unit of the robotic nursing care device or the periphery, and information is collected in a method where the nursing care staff scans the device code with a terminal such as a smartphone when starting to use the device.
The nursing care recording system (FTCare-i) is a system with features that enable the recorded contents to be reflected and displayed on the calendar.
Incorporating data from the robotic nursing care device into this nursing care recording system (FTCare-i) allows compilation of the usage status of the device as well as compilation of information along with the nursing care records, thus making it possible to grasp the health condition and the change in a life rhythm, etc. of care-requiring persons by using the robotic nursing care device.

Allows collection of information such as the robotic nursing care device and the nursing care details mainly using the QR code.


・Allows recordings with a simple operation that only requires scans of the QR code at the time of nursing care, as well as recordings with a method where necessary information will be added later on.
・Allows recordings of the robotic nursing care device as well as recordings of the behaviors and nursing care of the subjects simultaneously using the QR code.
・Allows collection of the data on accurate time required such as device usage time and time required for nursing care.


QCollecting information with the QR code, etc. enables data collection of the usage status of the robotic nursing care device.


The name of the robot care equipment FTCare-i AT Connect
Company name FTS Co., Ltd.
Target area Care Services Support
Expected target user Nursing care staff, caregiver
Assumed environment Nursing care welfare facility, etc
Sales date Around September 2018
Contact number 0532-74-7120