Development of Compact, Lift-equipped Bathing Systems
(OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Main Features

◾Development of compact, lift-equipped bathing systems which support all movements involved with getting into and out of the bath, providing a comfortable bathing experience for the patient or resident, and reduced physical burden on the caregiver.
◾Unintimidating design, with the same shape as a household bathtub, and quiet, vibration-free operation.
◾Designed for ease of use with women caregivers in mind; ergonomic shape and structure allow for effortless support of the bathing routine.


The name of the robot care equipment Compact, lift-equipped bathing systems
Company name OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd.
Target area Bathing support devices
Expected target user Elderly persons who have difficulty using conventional bathtubs. Caregivers who want to reduce the physical burden of the bathing routine.
Assumed environment Elderly Care Facilities
Sales date FY 2017
Contact department Research and Development Department
Contact number 0869-24-0891