Walker with a powered standing-up assistance function
(Mitsuba Corp.)

Main Features

・This walker helps the user to get up from a bedside, chair, couch, toilet, etc. After that, the user can use it just as a regular walker.
・The armrest is power adjustable up and down to the optimal height for the user.
・The small rear casters and the low bottom frame allow the rear casters to slide in under a bed, couch or other household items, for which the user can keep the walker in an easy-to-use position and get up in a stable posture.
・The walker is designed to look light and slim by using a linear actuator that is small and light.


The name of the robot care equipment Walker with a powered standing-up assistance function
Company name Mitsuba Corp.
Target area Indoor mobility aids
Expected target user People who are having difficulty getting up and down by themselves
People who need a walker or other walking aids to walk
Assumed environment Indoors
Sales date Not decided yet
Contact department Fifth Development Division
Contact number 0277-54-5942